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Depression is one of the weakest states of human mind. It is believed to be such state in which a person can’t thing properly and can’t even do his tasks in a better way. There are many depression causes we are going to discuss a few depression causes that are very much common in the society. When a person is in depression he is ultimately of no use and it is highly recommended for such patients to not to involve in important activities because when a person is in depression he can’t thing properly.

We may talk about depression cure but here we will be discussing about depression causes. Many things cause depression. It may happen to you due to many reasons. Before you go for the treatment it is important to figure out what was the root cause of depression that you had.

There are different schools of thoughts about depression. It can be due to inheritance i.e. it can run into a family. Environmental factors are involved in depression very much such as less sunlight and such depression is called SAD i.e. seasonal affective disorder. You may find people who are more likely depressed just because of their personality. If a person doesn’t feel confident going in to social gatherings, entering in to new business ideas etc. a person with low self esteem is usually a depressed person having no fun in life and more worries.

However not everyone is naturally depressed it is experiences and circumstances that make ground for yourself. if you are depressed then there can be many depression causes behind this. Many reasons like such bad events in your life that cause you think negative and make your self esteem very low. You might have been rejected socially and that is why you feel depressed. Keep these thoughts in mind when searching for an Orange County therapist.

Not having a healthy and satisfied marital or family life is also a big cause behind depression. You might have experienced something bad in your childhood that still persists in your mind and you can’t get out of that feeling completely, it can also cause you depression. So the thing is that if we go on discussing depression causes, we will find as many reasons as we can.

All these happenings in a person’s life have an effect on his chemical structure that is available inside the body. This chemical or physiological structure is responsible for all actions that we take in life. If we are happy then it is due to a special chemical combination and similarly if we are sad then definitely there is some problem in our chemical combination. Serotonin is such chemical present in our body that helps in provoking feeling of happiness and due to certain circumstances its level goes on decreasing.

Decreased level of serotonin will ultimately get you in a condition of depression. The best way to get out of depression is to maintain a good serotonin level and this can be done by practicing happiness and boosting your self confidence by doing different new things or you can have some medical aid like you can use antidepressant drugs that will be really helpful in getting you out of the depression.

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