Psychologist Salary

The Expected Salary For A Psychologist

The predicted psychologist salary in the US is between $50.000 and $80.000 depending on where you’re employed.

About 34% of psychological consultants are self employed, typically as private practitioners and independent experts. Work expansion will alter by specialty, as an example, clinical support and school psychological specialists is predicted to have 11 % growth.

Some specialties, such as industrial-organizational psychological consultants, are seeing the need expanding by approximately 26%. A 14% expansion is predicted for all the other psychological consultants.

Prospective students who want to find out how to become a psychologist will find p psychology programs is very competitive. Work opportunities should be the best for those with a doctoral degree in a sub field, eg health, child psychology, and those with an advanced degree will have excellent prospects in industrial-organization. BSc holders will have limited prospects.

The American Psychological Association research office conducted a study of 1,104 doctoral-level respondents who were approved, claimed clinical psychology as their major field, and were concerned in the direct delivery of health and psychological well-being services to clients in 2001.

Here are the outcome of the survey, in regard to clinical psychology income, by years of expertise and employer type.

Where were these clinical psychological therapist respondents employed?

  • 65% worked in independent practices ( 46% in individual personal practices and 19 % in group personal practices )
  • 14% worked in hospitals
  • 5% worked in rehab facilities
  • 3% worked in elementary / secondary colleges
  • 2% or less worked in other settings ,eg university support centers, criminal justice systems, rehab facilities or other human service settings.

The Average Clinical Psychologist salary according to was $63,935.

Income by years expertise the final 11-to-12 month median income for approved doctoral-level clinical therapists was $63,935 in 2015. 

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