Newport Academy Teen Treatment Programs

Different Treatment Approaches For Adolescent Boys & Girls

Newport Academy Treatment Centers in Orange County keeps their facilities gender specific, which means the treatment campuses are are completely separate, and the treatment programs are designed specifically with each patients gender in mind.

It has been reported by NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) that adolescent boys respond differently to alcohol & drugs. Because of this, they also respond differently to treatment. The motivation behind the abuse of alcohol & drugs is also different than that of adolescent girls, as are the motivations for beginning or ending treatment. The motivations behind relapsing are also different for boys & girls. All of these factors have huge implications for individualized treatment. The bottom line is, boys have different treatment needs than adolescent girls.

Goals Of Teen Treatment

The stated goal of Newport Academy is sustainable healing. They believe strongly that the behaviors of adolescent boys & girls which are self-destructive are external manifestations. That is, they are symptoms of internal, underlying issues. The purpose of Newport Academy in Orange County Ca is to address & heal those underlying issues. When we see teens enter our facilities, we usually see poor coping mechanisms such as conduct disorders, emotional problems, eating disorders, alcohol & substance abuse, and self harm. When the treatment plan stays focused on the underlying issues that are causing adolescent boys & girls to act with maladaptive coping skills, we begin to see long term, positive results. By continuously monitoring the teen’s treatment plan & responses to treatment, positive results begin to appear.

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