About Me

Marriage Counseling Orange County Therapist Huntington Beach

My main focus of therapy is on individual and group work, with adults, couples, adolescents, and children experiencing anxiety, depression, life transition, relationship, and spiritual concerns. I employ an integrative approach, tailored to your individual needs, using methods of therapy that have proved to be very effective. Emphasis is on solutions rather than problems, drawing on your strengths to find new, more productive ways of thinking and living.

I am passionate about helping people create the lives they would truly like to be living, free of persistent focus on the negative thoughts and feelings, that steer them away from what is truly most important to them in their lives. I have the pleasure and the privilege of helping people just like you loosen their grip on their problems, let go of the constant struggle, and free themselves up to move more smoothly through their lives with vitality and purpose.

6200 E Canyon Rim Rd 
Anaheim, CA 92807
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