Orange County Therapist | Alcohol As A Depressant

You must have heard about depression or even you may have experienced depression in your life. Usually depression is caused due to different circumstances and many reasons are involved behind depression causes. We are going to discuss one of the biggest depression causes that is use of alcohol. Some people believe that drinking alcohol does nothing to their health and brain except providing them some relaxation. But they forget that this relaxation is very short termed and is followed by such disease that is very much common in today’s society that is depression. Having depression is a normal thing but it is important to figure out the real cause of depression so that it can be prevented in future easily.

Many research projects have been conducted by Orange County Therapists on depression causes and it has been proved now that alcohol is a major cause of depression. Depression is such kind of feeling in which you find yourself hopeless, helpless and it seems like life has come to an ending point where you have no way out to positivity. You may want to isolate yourself from this world. You don’t find that courage in yourself to go out and face this world. Some people often commit suicide and it is all due to depression.

If depression lasts for a long time then it can be easily converted into panic attacks and cure becomes longer and complicated. It is important therefore to leave that thing that causes you depression. Just life if you are an alcoholic addict then you must leave your habit immediately so that you can get some positive changes in your health, mental condition and attitude as well.

Alcohol has been known as a big depressant so a person with depression should not drink alcohol. Even if you are suffering from manic depression still alcohol can be proved very dangerous for you. Alcoholic depression starts from your body. It effects your chemical combination in your physiology. The serotonin level has been decrease due to use of alcohol. Serotonin has a big role in your active life. If you serotonin level is decreases you will automatically go into isolated state where you will find yourself ending up in depression. So it is better to leave alcohol then to leave this beautiful world around you.

If you have been using alcohol since a long time then chances are here that these chemical levels are very low in your brain now may on zero level. But you can use antidepressant drugs for this purpose that will help you increase your serotonin level and by the passage of time you will be back in your daily active life.

If we go on studying depression causes then there is a huge list of elements that are involved in depression but here we meant to mention only alcohol as one of the biggest cause of depression. The main reason is that alcohol is widely used in our society. You must stop your habit of drinking alcohol if you want to spend a healthy and good life.

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