Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Medication Abuse In Orange County

Addiction to prescription drugs has become a wide-spread and growing problem in Orange County. Somewhere at this very moment, a mother agonizes as her daughter’s use of pain medications is destroying her life.

Elsewhere, a young man is writing out his own prescriptions on a pad he’s stolen from a doctor’s office; little does he know the police are waiting for him to pick up the meds. And believe it or not, within the walls of a well respected hospital, a nurse is stealing her patient’s medications in order to get high she can deal with her problems. These case scenarios are common place and growing. Thousands of Americans are abusing or becoming addicted to prescription drugs. Orange County substance abuse counselors are specifically trained with prescription medication abuse.

You are not alone. Sometimes professional medical help is needed at teen treatment centers. Therapists in Orange County offer individual counseling for individuals who need post-treatment support and counseling. Or, are worried about a growing problem that has not reached a critical stage that requires medical treatment.

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