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Someone who has been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD) often worries about issues, both big and small, throughout the entire day. They may be dealing with quite a few physical symptoms.

Management of some of the typical symptoms of anxiety poses a great challenge to many of us. By getting in contact with an Orange County psychologist, you can begin learning relaxation and breathing techniques, how to handle your worries, and the possibility of adding medication to your overall care plan. It is important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t just be treating the symptoms of anxiety. This often leads to neglecting the things that may be influencing some of them. Consider talking to a member of your clergy, a close friend, and family members. You may want to give serious thought to contact a professional psychologist in Orange County if symptoms persist. Some major concerns that people suffering from an anxiety disorder may be performance at school or work, or health and safety.
Some of the standard things that cause stress for the majority of people would be finishing the tasks we have for the day, or not being late arriving to work, appointments, etc. Other prominent concerns are health and illness, work or school performance, family and financial issues. Below are just a few of the physical symptoms people with an anxiety disorder may be dealing with on a regular basis:
a rapid heartbeat
the need for frequent urination
dry mouth
difficulty swallowing
poor concentration

Agoraphobia is an ailment that shows itself in so many different ways. A licensed Orange County Psychologist is trained to deal with this. One victim who’s suffering from agoraphobia can have a concern of spaces that are wide open, of driving their car, being stuck in crowds, or simply being by themselves in an unfamiliar environment. Normally, nevertheless, what it will come down to could be the individual is afraid of remaining beyond a Safe Zone. If Agoraphobia is starting to dictate how you live your life, it may be time to search this site for an experienced Orange County Psychologist.

The chief reason for this happening is the concern of having a full-blown panic attack right at a point in time when they can’t escape quickly and have no immediate support. Generally, a person’s risk-free zone happens to be in their own personal house. In some cases, nonetheless, it may be a place where they feel comfortable. It may be at their office, a relative’s house, etc. This site will assist you in researching an Orange County psychologist that can give you the needed resources to begin your recovery. Our sole focus is helping you to get better.

You will discover absolutely different degrees of suffering when it comes to Agoraphobia. Some experience a normal level of anxiety even if they are not within their harmless zone, nonetheless they take care of to are living a relatively practical life. On the other side of that coin is the terror where people become so paralyzed from the panic of dealing with the sudden onslaught which they virtually hardly ever go away their risk-free zone, even when it comes to doing easiest of errands.

The assumed process is similar, despite the severity. The individual worries that should they were to have a full-blown panic attack outside; who would make sure they’re okay? Some sufferers truly feel a sense of comfort that so many other people are about at any time since what that means is, they can get assistance just in case they experience a panic attack out of the blue. Some, nevertheless, only have confidence in a little circle of trusted people.

These concerns can cause some intriguing actions. 1 technique to manage used by some people that suffer from agoraphobia is the mapping out of their community, virtually or mentally. In this manner they know that when they are out and about, they know in which every one of the hospitals, the office of a medical doctor, or friends or kinfolk houses are. This helps make them truly feel more safe as they feel they’re able to locate support should they suddenly have an attack of pure panic.

This only is effective, certainly, for individuals who really feel they are able to believe in any individual that can help them. For people who only rely on a small circle of pals or kin, getting out in any way is often a challenge since just about everyone they run into is a complete stranger. For the people suffering from agoraphobia can certainly come to be what looks as if a hopeless scenario. If someone features a support community they might not depart their secure zone for prolonged periods of time.

The good news is, however, these sudden attacks of panic are largely a discovered reaction to selected predicaments or sensations. Since this is typically the case, a pretty decent amount true success may be experienced with strategies that train the person to unlearn most of these responses. So, in truth, this situation is just not as hopeless as it may seem to be.

Panic Attacks – Treatment In Orange County

I understand why you are here. Panic attacks are a truly frightening experience. During an attack, we’re imagining that the worst possible things will happen, and we feel powerless to do anything about it. Clients who suffer from this problem believe that they are suffocating, have lost control, going crazy and even dying. Proper treatment of recurring panic attacks is something that you need to do for your emotional health. It is true, panic attacks may not be physically harmful, but when you have these attacks repeatedly, it can lead to deterioration of your quality of life. In severe cases, recurring panic attacks can be crippling, leaving clients afraid of stepping out of a handful of their comfort zones. You know what these “comfort zones” are. It’s that spot where you already have an escape all planned out. Treatment is a must, if you are dealing with this problem. Generally, clients turn to relaxation techniques in order to treat anxiety. However, if those episodes are “panic attacks” ( I don’t need to describe them in detail – if you have panic attacks, you KNOW IT!), it’s time to look for professional healthcare treatment. Many of the Orange County psychologists and therapists have years of experience dealing with panic attacks.

There are a number of different methods you can use in order to treat recurring panic attacks. One of the quickest and most effective types of treatment for the disorder would be medication. If you are suffering from panic attacks, then medication such as antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication could help you. The medication that could help include Zoloft and Prozac, which are antidepressants. Some other types are Valium and Xanax, which is used for fast relief, but you should not turn to this for long term use. No matter what, you should always follow the doctors orders. Another form of treatment that is used is psychotherapy. This type of therapy is generally done by psychiatrists or psychologists. A qualified Orange County anxiety counselor listed in this directory will be able to tell whether or not you should be referred to a medical doctor for treatment with medication. For many Orange County residents suffering from panic attacks find great relief working closely with a therapist or psychologist who has been specifically trained in dealing with panic attacks. They will help you figure out what has been causing those attacks and will teach you how to go about dealing with it. There are relaxation and deep breathing techniques, as well as more in-depth behavioral therapy.

Finding An Orange County Therapist About Depression

According to statistics, approximately 20.9 million U.S. Adults, or 10% of the population, aged 18 and over, have a mood disorder. In the U.S., major depressive disorder, which affects nearly 14.8 million adults or 6.7%, often appears with other mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders and substance abuse. According to the National Institute of Mental Health 50% of lifetime mental illness cases show up by age 14. A therapist in Orange County may be a source of mental health assistance to consider if you or somebody you care about is experiencing difficulty.

Orange County therapists can help guide adults in learning how to change their thought processes from self-defeating, negative, irrational, or over generalized methods of thought to align with healthier patterns of thinking. Therapist Orange County services assist clients in understanding their own cognitive processes in how they categorize and interpret situations, persons, places or things. Learning more constructive thinking patterns can lead to more constructive behavior. More constructive behavior can lead to better success in life.

Orange County Therapist: Diagnosing Depression

Symptoms of depression are often consistent across age groups, from children through teen and adult years. Each group may also exhibit unique symptoms. Therapists in Orange County can help identify and diagnose symptoms.

Symptoms of depression may include exhaustion and fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, back pain, muscle aches and joint pain, chest pain, sleeping problems, change in appetite or weight, dizziness or light headedness. An Orange County therapist can help identify unique symptoms and diagnose the root causes of depression.

Orange County therapist treatment approaches address the underlying framework of thought. Destructive, irrational or over-generalization are examples of unhealthy thought patterns that can lead to depression or other problems. Depression can lead to more serious health risks, including eating disorders, substance abuse, and thoughts about suicide. Depression, which is more than merely a bad mood, is likely to worsen over time particularly without medical treatment. An Orange County therapist can help clients develop more constructive thought processes and patterns of behavior to create healthier, happier lives.

Orange County Psychologist: Help with Childhood Depression

It may be difficult to determine signs of depression as well as other disorders in children. An Orange County psychologist can better diagnose any unhealthy symptoms in children.

An Orange County psychologist will help identify causes for noticeable changes in social activities, social isolation, poor academic performance, a change in appearance, loss of interest in normal activities, or excessive crying.

An Orange County child psychologist can guide children in developing healthier thought patterns that will build self-esteem and better prepare them to cope with life’s challenges.

Child Psychologist Orange County: Help with Teens

The teen years can be a rough time and present many unique challenges. Survey findings provide startling statistics about teens today. Although approximately 1 in 5 teenagers suffers from depression, only 70% of them will get the help they need. Nearly 1 in 4 high school students are smoking cigarettes. Sixty-six percent of teens ages 14 – 17 have used alcohol, and 1 in 4 have tried illegal drugs. Approximately 1 in 3 kids from ages 14 to 15 are engaging in sexual intercourse, and 30% of them failed to use birth control during their last encounter. A licensed Child Psychologist Orange County can help with teens who are engaging in risky behaviors or who seem to be deeply unhappy, to determine the root causes and to create an appropriate treatment plan.

Parenting a teen suffering from depression or other disorders can be very challenging. The services of a therapist in Orange County can help in providing proper treatment to address destructive patterns of thinking and behavior. A therapist near you can also provide support and guidance to parents to help them in their relationship with their teen. Cognitive therapy has a great track record in helping teens at risk, a Journal of the American Medical Association study found that the risk of teens developing depression is greatly reduced by learning positive thinking skills.

An Orange County therapist can assist with a healthier outlook and lifestyle for children, teens and adults. Contact one near you today for to schedule an appointment.

What Is Marriage Counseling In Orange County?

There are many approaches to Marriage Counseling. Generally, most involve the spouses meeting with an Orange County marriage counselor in a safe, confidential setting to talk about concerns and issues in their lives and marriage. Marriage Counseling can help people to resolve their concerns and difficulties, and find ways to understand and cope with the challenges of life. These concerns may be about issues present for a long time or coming from a recent event or crisis in a client’s marriage.

Is there a difference between psychotherapy and marriage counseling in Orange County?

Some people see marriage counseling as more short-term and psychotherapy as more open-ended. Therapists in Orange County and psychologists work with clients in both short and longer time-frames. It is a dynamic process, helped by your active participation and openness to looking at concerns in your marriage.

Does marriage counseling work?

Research has shown that marriage counseling can help people with a range of concerns and issues including:

  • resolving personal and relationship difficulties
  • managing feelings, thoughts and behaviors
  • creating a better work/life balance
  • gaining relief from stress, anxiety or depression
  • professional trauma, crisis, abuse

What happens in a counseling session?

Your Orange County therapist will try to help you gain a clearer perspective on your situation and come to your own decisions about what is right for you. Each session is your time to use as you wish. There is no demand or pressure for you to talk about any particular thing.

The therapist’s aim is to provide a safe, and confidential environment where you can explore your concerns and talk as freely as you wish without being judged or criticized.

How often and how long does marriage counseling go on?

Therapists who specialize in Marriage counseling in Orange County usually see clients weekly or once every other week, but you can decide together with your therapist according to your needs. Some people may need just a few sessions, some longer. You can finish marriage counseling at any time and your therapist will support your decision.

Marriage Counseling Orange County Directory

This website offers a comprehensive directory of licensed individual and marriage counseling. The Orange County therapists listed here provide counseling for families, marriages, children and adolescents. They offer sound advice concerning parenting issues, autism, ADHD, anger management, depression, stress and much more. The Orange County Psychologists listed offer diagnostic services also cover personality disorders, behavior problems, emotional disturbance, panics and phobias, substance abuse and dementia.

Orange County Mental Health

All of us have complex life stories. Our stories are often comprised of joy and suffering, dreams fulfilled and deferred, and strength and vulnerabilities. Your therapy with an Orange County Mental Health professional will recognize all parts of these stories. Your Orange County therapist will ensure you that therapy sessions will be conducted in an atmosphere of respect and commitment as you work to learn new ways of approaching life. The work will be a joint effort; your input is valued and will be used in the treatment planning and in your work outside of sessions.

Therapists in Orange County work with adults presenting with trauma, substance abuse issues, interpersonal problems, problems with adjustment and transitions, individuals with physical pain and medical issues, and those seeking counseling for personal growth. They specialize in working with individuals presenting with mood and anxiety concerns and ethnic or sexual identity concerns.

While several ways of thinking continue to inform counselors approach to therapy, they are often influenced by Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). FAP is a behaviorally-based therapy that emphasizes the quality of our relationship as key in your healing and transformation. ACT asserts that while psychological pain is inevitable, it is struggling against pain that leads to deepened suffering. Both FAP and ACT rely on experiential work (both inside and outside of our sessions) to help disentangle you from mental battles and start living according to your deepest values. You should know that FAP and ACT often combine to form a therapeutic approach that involves contacting intense emotions and potentially painful feelings.

We feel most fulfilled when we are in touch with our core values and our true selves, and our work will focus on bringing these forth for you. Together, we will work to expand your capacity to be open, vulnerable, aware and present. You will also have many opportunities to develop different skills (e.g., acceptance and mindfulness), develop how to express yourself fully, to take risks, to grieve losses, and to create better relationships. Above all, your Orange County therapist will be a genuine person in the room with you, and their main guiding principle is to do that which is in your best interest.

This professional therapy directory covers all of Orange County, California.

When you visit one of the Orange County therapists listed here, you’re assured that you will get only the best care from psychologists, Marriage Counselors, therapists, drug & alcohol interventionists, social workers, and Orange County Detox Centers. They constantly strive to find solutions to your family and personal problems. From parenting issues to autism, stress management to depression, the therapists listed here are thoroughly dedicated to helping you live a better life. Read on to learn more about how therapy or counseling can help you.

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You’ll also find lots of educational articles and posts. Everything from How to Become a Psychologist to the top psychology programs are included.

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