Substance Abuse Counselors In Orange County

Drug addiction is considered a “disease” as most individuals don’t realize the power of addictive substances on the human body…

ACCEPTANCE is step one…admitting that one has a problem and they need help. Treatment comes in different forms… sometimes people need the help of professionals at treatment centers. Some are looking for therapists in Orange County who understand the addictive process and have experience helping their clients find meaningful recovery. This is where substance abuse counselors in Orange County can help.

People have been using mind-altering drugs for thousands of years. These drugs (including alcohol) help us to concentrate, offer a diversion from our usual way of feeling, and help us to feel as if we fit in with those around us. So it’s not surprising to discover that a large proportion of men and women use chemicals. However, with repeated use both physical and psychological problems start to occur. Typically the user moves from use onĀ “special occasions” to some form of patterned use such as only on the weekends to daily use. The drug user also starts to realize the diminished effects of the drug and starts to use more to get high. This is the start of addiction.

A person is diagnosed with chemical dependency (addiction) when three of the following occur:

  1. Tolerance (diminished effect of the drug on the person’s body)
  2. Withdrawal (Negative physical signs hours to days after drug wears off)
  3. Excessive use of the drug or excessive time using or recovering from drug use. More of the drug was used and over a longer period of time than was intended.
  4. Repeated efforts to stop or cut back are not successful (others ask users to stop or cut back). The person feels ashamed or guilty for excessive use.
  5. Use is associated with problems: Legal, Family, Social, Financial, Employment, etc.
  6. Use starts to become more secretive, the user denies they have a problem and they often start to withdraw from supportive relationships.
  7. The addict continues to use despite physical health problems, mental health problems, and under dangerous circumstances.
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