Elizabeth Bradshaw

marriage counselor orange countyI’m Beth Bradshaw, and I  work as a marriage counselor in Newport Beach, California. I’ve been helping my clients reach their goals for over 20 years now. the way I typically approach therapy is to focus on finding a solution to the issues at hand, trying to help you discover what you can do to make your individual situation better and ways to use what you are doing already to help yourself. The goal is for you to achieve a life that is more rewarding and fulfilling. When we are dealing with emotional issues, we tend to have such a difficult time dealing with them in a rational way. These emotions often take over our entire lives, so we’re not able to enjoy our daily lives. Picture the way you’re feeling right now, and then try to imagine a life free of having these problems dictate how we live our lives. It’s not only possible, it is completely achievable when we have a goal in mind. Whether it’s chronic anxiety, panic attacks, a troubled family life or one of a myriad of problems, I can help you set real, concrete goals and support you along the way. Some of my specialties:

When you’ve decided you’ve had enough of letting your emotions run your life, please give me a call at (949)612-9890 for a free phone conversation.


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