Elizabeth White, LCSW

We all experience life’s complex challenges.

They may involve important relationships with those that we love, personal struggles, traumatic events, illness or financial stressors. These are opportunities in which we can utilize support systems to address concerns, and explore our relationship to the issues that most affect us. The most important thing that we can do for ourselves is live authentically, and work to find balance and acceptance in the way that we interact and manage all of these areas. During times of stress, our coping mechanisms and defenses are sometimes less effective, leaving us with the opportunity to explore our strengths and areas for growth. We all have the capability to learn new skills that support our goal of having healthy boundaries and relationships, seeing the world through a more optimistic lens, and overcoming behaviors and emotional blocks that keep us from living the most balanced lives.

My goal is the same as yours, which is to assist you in uncovering your true potential. Our wisdom and hope is what allows us to access the space that is needed to create change in our lives. My goal is to guide you to connect with your best, most authentic self, and to become the most confident, secure person you can be. Creating a balanced life means looking at the whole picture of yourself: Mind, Body and Spirit. When you feel you need some extra guidance and support during a challenging time, or you’ve decided it’s time to begin pointing your life in a new direction, I would be happy to talk with you to see how I can assist you reaching your goals. Feel free to call or email me for a family, couples, or individual therapy consultation.

Elizabeth White, LCSW
About Me
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University of Denver Master of Social Work
Clinical Focus on Children and Families
Odyssey Training CenterĀ  – Certified Addiction Counselor

License, Certifications & Awards
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Loyola University – Certificate 73: School Social Worker

Additional Training
7 Challenges Motivational Model Trainer – Substance Abuse with Adolescents
Aggression Interruption Training
Clinical Supervision
Crisis Intervention

Professional Activities and Memberships
National Association of Social Work

1101 Dove St #1065
Newport Beach, CA 92660
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