Healing Through Writing

I have found that writing allows a subtle emotional release. Our past has created our present. We may be carrying historical wounds. Some are major, such as abuse, bereavement, relationship breakdown, psychological trauma or spiritual poverty. Others are less traumatic but are anxiety- and stress- inducing. All affect us on one or all of our physical, emotional, mental or soul levels.

To assist the release of these past traumas, wounds and stress, I have developed a workshop called Healing Through Writing where, through a series of gentle writing exercises in a supportive and encouraging environment, old and sometimes long-forgotten memories are accessed.

These memories are buried deep in the unconscious, yet like puppeteers pulling their strings, they shape and influence our reactions to events in the present. Once brought to light through pen on paper, negative motions associated with these memories are expressed releasing inner burdens. Through discussion and further written exercises where an alternative scenario is presented, healing and resolution takes place.

When you experience a Healing Through Writing workshop, you leave with the tools necessary to cope with major and minor issues whether they be in work, relationships of life in general.

And don’t underestimate the potential of a Healing Through Writing Workshop to bring out your inner creative writer!

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