Orange County Bipolar Treatment Centers

Newport Academy Teen Treatment Centers In Orange County

More About Newport Academy Teen Treatment Centers

Newport Academy Teen Treatment Programs has several gender specific teen treatment facilities in Orange County, California. The treatment programs at Newport Academy are comprehensive, and geared towards teens suffering from substance abuse, behavioral health, and mental health problems. The programs at Newport Academy combine the essential elements necessary in providing effective treatment for adolescent boys & girls with mental health disorders and substance & alcohol dependence. Teens have developmental differences when compared to adults, and they have higher incidents of dual diagnosis issues. The specialized programs at Newport Academy are individualized, and take a holistic approach where educational, social, spiritual, biological, and psychological needs are constantly assessed & revised as necessary through the entire teen treatment process.

Sovereign Health of California is a Bipolar Disorder Treatment Center In San Clemente Ca

More About Sovereign Health of California

Sovereign Health of California offers dual diagnosis, substance abuse, and specialized mental health care treatment that is specifically planned and carried out to meet the needs of each individual client. The individualized programs at Sovereign Health of California are comprehensive, and begin immediately at admission. the dedicated, expert staff at Sovereign Health of California will conduct an in-depth assessment to discover any potential conditions that may be co-occurring. The initial assessment will assist the staff in creating a diagnosis that is accurate. This will ensure that each client receives the correct treatment.

Bipolar treatment centers are dedicated to the compassionate treatment and care of individuals with bipolar disorder.

Bipolar facilities understand that bipolar disorder is a chronic and lifelong illness that requires constant care and understanding. The primary purpose of bipolar treatment facilities in Orange County is to help patients and their families recognize and deal with symptoms of the illness, including risky behavior and increases in expressed emotion. These facilities also help counsel families to lower the impact the bipolar disorder has as well as learning to decrease the chances that children will develop the illness.

There are three main types of treatments available at bipolar treatment centers in Orange County

  1. The first is inpatient treatment, which is inpatient hospitalization and reserved for more serious cases. Often there are separate inpatient services for patients with drug addiction. Inpatient treatment involves being seen by bipolar specialists and psychiatrists and can often involve medication.
  2. The second type of treatment offered is outpatient treatment that usually involves weekly or biweekly visits with an Orange County psychologist for therapy as well as medication.
  3. The last type of treatment available is consultations, which are one-time evaluations by a bipolar specialist. Consultations are done to diagnose the illness as well as provide second opinions. Each of these treatments for Bipolar disorder has different benefits depending on the severity of the illness.

Bipolar treatment facilities are often part of hospitals and include general psychiatric units for inpatient services.

Oftentimes centers will have inpatient units specifically for bipolar patients that also suffer from drug addiction, allowing drug withdrawal and treatment to be done safely.

It’s important to make sure, when choosing a facility, that they understand the importance of including family in treatments. Also consider which type of treatment will be most beneficial. Before obtaining services, ask for a tour of the facility to make sure you feel comfortable with receiving services and therapy.

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