Finances & Marriage

Studies show that the number-one cause of divorce in the United States is money.

Orange County Marriage Counselors have long known that financial stress can lead to marital fissures. Therefore, it’s essential that you and your spouse establish an open dialogue about money long before you walk down the aisle. Also, to avoid becoming yet another divorce statistic, couples should be aware of the following financial mistakes.

  • Don’t put your focus on materialistic possessions. Trying to keep up with the Jones’es is not only futile, but also dangerous. Marriage counseling experts warn that couples who live beyond their means will inevitably see it affect their relationships. But the problem isn’t always frivolous spending on unnecessary items such as expensive clothing or jewelry. Many couples overextend their monetary resources by purchasing homes that they cannot truly afford. Instead, live on less and enjoy a happier marriage.
  • Don’t let resentment build over your spouse’s spending habits. Do you disagree with how your spouse is spending your hard-earned money? Then speak up. If you don’t, the resentment and bitterness will eventually get the best of your marriage. Though you may not be able to fundamentally change the way your spouse views money, you can attempt to find a compromise you both can agree on. In the end, it just might save your relationship.
  • Don’t let conventional gender roles dictate who manages your finances. Marriage counseling experts advise that couples deal with their financial resources according to whoever is better suited to control them.

    Men have traditionally been viewed as more money-oriented individuals. However, if your wife happens to be fiscally savvier than you, there’s no reason why she can’t be the financial handler in your family.

  • Don’t assume that your financial woes will get better without discussing them. If your marital issues are symptoms of larger money problems, neither will get better without first talking about them. Though discussing finances can be a difficult conversation to have with your spouse, it may be vital to the future of your marriage.
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