Debbie Whitney, MSW, MFT

Often times, as we reflect on the journey of our lives, it seems as if the story we are living, is not the story we had hoped to find ourselves in.

Everything from the pressures of daily life, heartache from the past, and even anxiety promoted by an uncertain future can serve to distort our view of ourselves and the story unfolding before us. We might find it hard to see hope in the midst of despair, and yet these places of struggle can be the places of true restoration.

Ultimately, true healing and growth lead us toward more intimate and fulfilling relationships, and allow us to see ourselves as we were truly meant to be. Making the decision to seek counseling can be scary and challenging, but it is also an essential step toward redemption and wholeness. I offer services for individuals, couples, and families through both one-on-one and group therapy.

When you are ready to begin your journey, I will look forward to walking beside you through the process. I offer comprehensive and individualized counseling and therapy for Anaheim and nearby communities. I provide counseling for families, marriages, children and adolescents. I’m able to offer sound advice concerning parenting issues, autism, ADHD, anger management, depression, stress and much more. .

Feel free to call me at 949-612-2395 today for more information.

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