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Overview of A Child Psychologist Orange County Specialist


Child psychology is an evolving area of study in Psychology

It is arguably the most studied and influential area in the field. The study addresses cognitive and behavioral issues in the growth of children. It is a concern of child psychologists to understand how social, cognitive and environmental factors contribute to the development of a child. In order to fully understand such influences, a a child psychologist Orange County begins the study from the prenatal stages all the way to adolescence.

There was once a fallacious view that children are smaller versions of adults. However, this perspective was soon disproved by an early French psychologist by the name Jean Piaget. He demonstrated that children think and behave differently from adults. The discovery caught the eye of the Albert Einstein, a great scientist of the time. Piaget’s theories on the growth of children provide a lot of insight in modern child psychology. When searching for a child psychologist Orange County, please keep some of these things in mind.

Modern Child Psychology Is Detailed and Complex

It is widely recognized  by Orange County psychologists that child psychology is an intricate discipline. Indeed, the premise has led to some varying perspectives on aspects of development of children. In particular, child psychologists differ on whether early childhood experiences have a significant impact on the eventual behavior that a child adopts. The interplay between nature and nurture is another area which draws lots of controversy in child psychology. An Orange County psychologist is trained to deal with these exact issues.

The Varying Perspectives in Child Psychologist Orange County Studies

People commonly associate development, especially the development of children, with internal characteristics which are mainly determined by genetic factors. However, research studies have revealed that a child’s growth and development is influenced by several factors that intertwine along the graph of time, from conception to adulthood. Some of the most conspicuous factors that have been found to influence a child’s growth and development include social interactions, cultural influences and diet. Family life naturally plays a huge role in a child’s development.


Specific Contextual Influences an Orange County Child Psychologist Will Look Out For:

Anxiety In Children
Cultural Context

The culture of the caregivers of a child forms a rich source of acquisition of values, beliefs, customs and even the education that a child gets. It has been found to bear a profound effect on the personality of an individual all the way to adulthood. It is a demonstration of what the legendary British poet William Wordsworth once said, ` the child is the father of the man.’ The culture that a child grows in determines their perspective of life and consequently charts their choices in life albeit in a subtle way.


Social Context

Peer groups, adults, teachers and acquaintances that children hang around with in their early stages of development contribute to their behavior to a large extent. The influences from such sources touch on varying aspects of a child’s growth. The way a child thinks, learns new concepts including acquisition of new skills is greatly influenced by the social context within which a child operates most of the time. Children can even pick up when their parents are going through marriage counseling Orange County.


Socioeconomic Context

The socioeconomic status of the people who raise children often influences how a child develops. The social economic status is determined by a range of factors, including the level of education, career occupations of their caregivers, neighborhood and the financial endowment in the family set up. It has been demonstrated that children who are raised in homes perceived to be of high socioeconomic status tend to have easier access to healthcare facilities, better nutrition, better education and even better future career exposures. It is evident that the psychology of a child is greatly influenced by such factors. A child psychologist Orange County should be well versed in the socioeconomic factors in children lives.

Although the three factors are fundamental in child psychology, parents and care givers should realize that these factors interact in the process of shaping a child’s behavior. If one area is wanting, another factor can be intensified so that there is some form of compensation for the missing elements.  For instance, low socioeconomic status can be balanced by encouraging social relationships.


Subject Areas in Child Psychology


Students interested in how to become a psychologist will find the topics addressed in the field of child psychology are many, and they continue to increase with time. Some of the most conspicuous areas of study include

  • Personality development
  • Development in the Prenatal stage
  • Gender roles
  • Environmental influences
  • Genetic make up
  • Social development Sexuality
  • Cognitive development
  • Language


Concluding Remarks

The focus and intention of child psychology is to enrich humanity with knowledge on the factors that affect the growth and development of children in all walks of life. If parents, caregivers and teachers take time to understand the underlying factors in the growth and development of children, they will become better in shaping who the children become. The knowledge goes a long way in molding better rounded children who grow up to become responsible adults.

A Child Psychologist Orange County counsel and work with children, pre-teens and in rare cases adolescents to help them deal with issues in emotional development as well as counsel children who are experiencing psychological issues. Often times child psychologists counsel the family as well. These types of psychologists must have a doctorate in counseling or clinical psychology. They can be employed in many settings from hospitals to courts, schools, and mental health clinics. Child psychologists also work with children who are dealing with substance abuse, severe developmental disabilities, and specific emotional issues using a variety of techniques that also include art therapy, playing, and music to learn more about children’s emotions and communicate.

Orange County Child psychologists who work in mental health offices or hospitals work with clients and families to help teach coping skills and overcoming psychological illness. Jobs they must do include diagnosing mental disorders, evaluating patients, applying psychological tests and overseeing therapy sessions. Psychologists who work with children in schools likewise conduct assessments and counsel students as well as diagnosing learning disorders. They work with the students and their families to guide the children through issues such as academic progress, socializing, and disabilities. Child psychologists who work with the courts also help young kids who are going through the criminal justice system and work with children going through custody disputes as well as preparing kids to testify in court.

The career growth and job outlook for a child psychologist Orange County is stable and will continue to grow through 2018 on par with the national average. Those who have a doctorate degree in specific areas will have the strongest job prospects. Increased advances and awareness for children’s mental health ensure that child psychologists remain an in demand position. Child psychologists work with children on a large spectrum of issues and either work in the field or conduct research at universities studying child behavior and responses to make advancements in the knowledge and approach to child psychology.

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