Generalized Anxiety Disorder

You are Unable to Recognize Signs of Anxiety? Try Anxiety Screening Tests!

Do you have the doubt whether you are prone to anxiety? Take a social anxiety test. It is as easy as you can take the test in the internet but before that ensure that you have chosen a reputed site offering reliable test. The questionnaires provided by theses site can enable you to detect the anxiety by yourself . Give a try. This article will cover:

  • Recognizing anxiety disorder symptoms for self-evaluation
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Some symptoms and tests for anxiety disorder

You think you have it. You want to take a social anxiety test. You don’t want to see one of the therapists in Orange County¬†yet. What do you do? Increasingly the Internet has become an indispensable reference tool for self-help including access to such items as an online test for anxiety.

In an effort to expand their outreach, various professional mental health entities make these tests available as free questionnaires on their websites. If you take the time to determine that the source of the test is reputable and affiliated with the mental health care field, these self-help tools can be an important first step in recognizing your problem and doing something about it.

Recognizing Anxiety Disorder Symptoms For Self-Evaluation

All anxiety disorders have diagnostic criteria laid out in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV-TR. Many times, however, individuals who suspect they are suffering from one of these problems have deep embarrassment about their condition and have become habituated to hiding their anxiety at all costs.

For these people, online anxiety tests in questionnaire form are extremely useful. An anxiety assessment of this sort can be useful in helping an affected individual to come to terms with their problem and to work up the courage to seek professional help.

Normally these tests will be comprised of a series of multiple choice or true and false questions and will self-grade in that when you submit the form the application will tell you how your answers stack up against a pre-determined scale. These online tests are usually free and while they may not be as scientifically based as questionnaires you might fill out on a first visit to a therapist, they do serve to raise red flags of personal perception.

If you feel you are experiencing any hallmarks of the following disorders consult the Internet for an appropriate stress and anxiety test or a generalized anxiety test as a first step in confronting the problem in your life. From a social anxiety test to one for generalized anxiety disorder, insight into your condition might be one Google search away.


Generalized anxiety disorder has been characterized by uncontrollable apprehension and excessive worry for a period of more than six months. Individuals affected by General Anxiety Disorder report feeling easily fatigued, irritable, keyed up, and restless. Other common complaints are difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, and muscle tension. The clients work and home life are disrupted significantly by the degree of worry and anxiety.


Panic attack symptoms come on without warning and include heart palpitations and chest pain, excessive sweating, light-headedness, labored breathing, tingling in the extremities, a sense of disassociation, and an overwhelming fear of losing control. By the end of the attack, which can last as long as half an hour, the individual will be utterly exhausted.

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