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There Are Many Online Options For A Psychology Degree

While studying psychology through distance learning method is one of the most convenient ways to get a professional and accredited degree, meeting the admission criteria, which vary between schools, is an important aspect for consideration. For instance, distance learning psychology course offered by California Coast University is considered to among the best online psychology courses in the United States. With regard to their Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, the learning speed is completely decided by you. There is no concept like semesters or terms etc. dividing the curriculum. Which means, that you could begin at any time convenient to you. There are 14 of each of the core courses, general education and general elective courses to be completed within a total of 126 semester hours.

While this may sound simple and easy, their admission process is far from it. They have what is known as a challenge test which can only be taken if you have sufficient work experience. Your professional background will decide whether you are eligible for taking this test instead of a study guide. You will be given a chance to appear for the test, if your work experience is found to be satisfactory. If you do not succeed in the test, then you will be assigned a study guide. As one of the top online schools, CCU offers great information for those researching how to become a psychologist.
Psychology Degree Online

Some of the Most Popular Accredited Online Schools

There is a study guide for each of courses offered by California Coast University. These guides are meant to consolidate and put the course materials in a sequence for easy comprehension. They are based on particular textbooks, available from local bookstores, or the University’s Library. The guides can ordered via telephone, fax, e-mail or on-line. Study Guides are organized in such a way that a student receives a complete syllabus for each course along with instructions for using them, which guides the student chapter by chapter through the corresponding textbook.

Another university which is popular for long distance learning in psychology is the Newport University. Particularly popular is their course on Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior. To get admitted to this course you need to have passed high school or its equivalent. Additionally you aught to be able to convince the authorities that you are capable of completing the course on time.

Accredited programs in psychology, organizational systems, and human science are obtainable from Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, located in San Francisco, California. One of the pre-requisites for this course is that you should be able to attend a minimum of two residential conferences, each lasting for six days, annually in the San Francisco Bay area. Their customized programs are a good combination of online, and practical studies. There are specific academic advisors assigned against each student with whom a close communication has to be maintained.

Northcentral University (NCU) has accreditation granted by the Higher Learning Commission of NCACS. Online Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Doctorate degree in Psychology can be earned from this university. Where there is no scope for any residential conferences, their distance learning programs are known for relevant and timely advice. You could have many chances of personal interactions with the relevant mentors, which offer valuable counsel during your course.

Make Sure The Online Psychology Program Is Accredited

For many states, including California, it is mandatory to acquire a psychology degree from a regionally or nationally accredited university, to be deemed eligible for becoming a psychologist or a licensed counselor. Accreditation is granted by the relevant authorities and is based on the school adherence to certain pre-determined academic quality standards. For instance, schools offering online psychology degree can be accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), an association formed specifically to accredit distance education and training schools. The DETC is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

The curriculum of online courses can be personalized to suit your individual career goals and ambitions. This is a big benefit for online students. Additionally, students of online courses in psychology are eligible to receive all the personal attention off-line students receive from their professors, who are experienced, practicing psychologists or counselors of repute.

Let us take the example of one of the premier psychology institutes – Argosy. This psychology institute offers a wide variety of Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs in four primary disciplines:

  • Psychology and Behavioral Science
  • Education and Human Development
  • Business and Information Technology
  • Health Sciences

The faculty support and cooperation which an online student receives is comparable to which is given to students studying in-campus. They are assigned the same kind of faculty assistance, like financial planners, academic advisers, etc., to guide them through out the process of online education.

Most online courses in psychology combine traditional and practical teaching methods to teach both theoretical and hands-on knowledge, required for practicing. Online programs when combined with online-campus programs, provide maximum time scheduling flexibility, imperative for working adults.

The Best Programs Offer Plenty Of Help To Their Students

For busy professionals who would like to strike an ideal balance between their careers, family and furthering their knowledge base to enhance career opportunities, an online tutorial is considered to be the best option. Studying psychology need not end up in a simple psychologist or a licensed counselor’s career. Doing a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in psychology can open up a plethora of career options or herald the beginning of a brand new career path. Using the latest instructional designs and teaching modules, many accredited colleges and universities offer online courses in psychology which provide high quality of education that is taught in a convenient way with flexible timings and personalized to suit the individual career goals.

Needless to mention that because of their personalized nature and the flexibility, any online student needs plenty of self-motivation and self-discipline to achieve success. Students of online psychology courses are no exception.
Here are some examples of popular online courses in psychology, which might be of interest to you:

1. Child Psychology
In this online psychology course you could learn about the factors which shape a child’s psychology – like learning, parenting styles, reinforcement, genetic factors, etc which affect their thinking and subsequently their behavior. Any aspiring counselor would find this course valuable – to understand the childhood influences on later adult behavior. If you are interested in how to become a child psychologist, you will specialize in working with children.

2. Sports Psychology
There are many aspects of sports psychology which need to be understood to understand a sports person and his or her performance or even non-performance. This course is an eye opener for anyone who would like to make a career in sports psychology, be it as a counselor or an adviser. Performance Psychology, Exercise Psychology, Environmental Influences, Psychological Traits of Successful Athletes Personality Inventory, Cognitive Techniques are many of the study topics taught in this online course.

3. Diploma in Counseling and Psychology
This course is aimed at those who wish to pursue a career in counseling. Containing practical elements that not only complements the theory, but also prepares the student for real-life counseling situations. Graduates of this course may get probationary employment in counseling.

4. Relationship Communication Counseling
This course is designed to assist you in developing understanding of the importance of communication when it comes to the creation, maintenance, and destruction of personal and professional relationships. Your ability to help others improve their relationships will be honed as a result. As an example, a licensed Orange County therapist will have specialized training in relationship counseling.

5. Biopsychology
Here you learn about the intricate relationship between the mind and the body. Mind over body is not always possible. The body also influences the mind and much of what we consider basic human behavior. You will learn the different types of external and internal stimuli, mind-body debate, and all about sensory inputs, sensory perceptions, effect of hormones on human behavior and physiology, and many more. Many forensic psychologists have advanced training in biopsychology.

6. Certificate in Psychology
This course is basically aimed at those who wish to gain a good insight into psychology as a science. It is useful as a first step to further study, as an employment aid, and as a tool for those wishing to understand more about themselves and those around them.

Study At Your Own Pace With An Online Degree!

One of the best benefits of learning and getting a psychology degree through distance learning is that you can study at your own speed and convenience and manage your own time schedule. Irrespective of age, sex, marital status or location you could earn yourself an accredited bachelor’s or master’s degree in psychology online. There are plenty of online psychology schools to choose from the United States which can suit any chosen subject of specialization. The admission criteria vary one school to another. Thorough studying of the fact sheet of each school is necessary before you select one. Some may demand work experience while another may want a passing score for their Equivalency Test.

Learning psychology through distance education is particularly beneficial for those who are already in employment and do not have sufficient time to devote for a full-time on-campus education. Such people can undertake online psychology courses as a move towards present career enhancement or even selecting a brand new profession. They can thus strike a perfect balance between their job, family and the pursuit for earning a quick online degree in a subject they love.

There was a time when distance learning was not taken too seriously, when it came to seeking employment. Those days are gone. Strict accreditation guidelines for online schools and an increasing number of reputed schools offering distance learning facilities have given the distance learning concept a newer dimension. Today major employers including hospitals, clinics and large business houses hire graduates and post-graduates in psychology who have earned their degrees through long distance learning.

You could easily earn an undergraduate or a graduate degree through long distance learning. There is an exhaustive range of subjects which you could choose from such as counseling, clinical psychology, marriage & family therapy, sports psychology, social services, educational psychology, organizational psychology, and more.

Here are names and other details of three of the best psychology schools which are known for their distance learning programs in psychology:

1. Walden University – This is reputed university for offering long distance psychology degrees. Its personalized programs can be tailored to meet your particular career goals. You could expect a good combination of high-level academic standards with the ease and comfort of distance learning. The various distance learning degree programs offered by Walden are:

  1. MS in Mental Health Counseling
  2. MS in Psychology
  3. PhD in Psychology

2. Capella University – This is also a popular university for getting a degree in psychology through long distance learning. The Harold Abel School of Psychology at Capella University offers many popular programs in long distance learning. Their various programs are:

  1. MS in Psychology
  2. MS in Human Services
  3. PhD in Psychology
  4. Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)
  5. PhD in Human Services

3. Argosy University – This university is well known for its exemplary faculty. You could access its curriculum from anywhere in the world at any time suitable to you. Their distance learning programs are:

  1. BA in Psychology
  2. EdD in Counseling Psychology

One of the most important points to remember when you are aiming for a degree through long distance learning is that there are many states who stipulate that the degree be obtained from an institution which has received national or regional accreditation, if you want to practice as a psychologist or a license-holding counselor. Depending on the academic excellence of an institute, one of the seven regional bodies could grant accreditation to the institute. The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), is an association formed exclusively to grant accreditation to long distance training schools. This body has received recognition from the U.S. Department of Education and The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

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