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Anxiety In Children – How To Help

Because anxiety attacks are so common in so many people today, chances are you have experienced one at some stage of your life. What a lot of adults don’t understand is that children can suffer from anxiety as well. This can be very frighting for you and your child. So we have put together some insightful information for you to understand anxiety in children. It is very important that you understand some of the basic facts and learn how to deal with anxiety attacks in children.

What most adults don’t understand is children suffer and experience all these feelings and emotions for different reasons then adults. A lot of children will start to feel fear when they go to certain places or events. What you as a parent must consider is the child will start to feel embarrassed and feel out of place.
Anxiety In Children Therapist Orange County California

Many Types Of Anxiety Issues When It Comes To Children

There are several different types of anxiety disorders that effect adults and children. The first being general anxiety disorder which is the most common of the disorders. This type consists of constant and excessive worrying about certain things from the past, present or future. Some things to use as an example for this article is an upcoming event, a new school, a trip to the dentist , it could be anything that causes worry to the individual. Children find it very hard to control there worries and they are pron to excessive worry.

One of the best ways you can help your child get through this type of anxiety is to teach them various relaxation techniques and different types of therapy. Fortunately, there are therapists in Orange County who work with anxiety clients. Try and calm them down and get them to talk to you about their worries. If you do have difficulty doing this and the child closes up and won’t talk with you its time to get a child psychologist Orange County involved.

Separation Anxiety In Children

Another very common anxiety disorder in children is separation anxiety. When a child is separated from the people they love and depend on they become extremely worried and this can lead to an anxiety attack. You have to remember that anytime you put your child into a situation or surrounding that they are clearly not comfortable with an anxiety attack will be the result. It could be as little as taking them to a friends place so they can baby sit for the night, if they don’t really know who they are and are uncomfortable in that environment again anxiety will be the end result.
Anxiety In Children Therapist Orange County

When To Contact An Orange County Therapist

To help the child in these sorts of situations talk with your child well beforehand and reassure them that nothing bad is going to happen to them while you’re away. Help them to understand you will be returning to get them and that you would never leave them because you love them to much. Sometimes believe it or not it is actually a good idea to go out once a week so your child learns to deal with the separation. Anxiety in children is a lot more common than most people expect. These are just some of the things you can do to help your children cope with their anxiety disorders. Separation anxiety is an issue a properly licensed Orange County therapist is trained to deal with.

If you feel you need a really good treatment for your child then we recommend contacting an Orange County therapist that specializes in working with children. There are tons of properly accredited child therapists throughout the County, and our directory lists many that you can contact to see what the best path to take is in order to help your child with his/her anxiety issues.

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