Sovereign Health of California Treatment Centers

Orange County Bipolar Treatment Center

Sovereign Health of California treats dual diagnosis, detox, & emotional and mental health issues

Sovereign Health of California is a treatment center in San Clemente, California, that offers non-medical, natural detox programs like NTR/NAD.

Additionally, a wide breadth of therapy & treatment options are available. The expert staff at Sovereign Health of California is always mindful that each client is an individual with unique needs and circumstances that are specific to them. The program starts with an in-depth psychiatric evaluation & complete assessment. This allows the staff to assess & note any damage that has possibly occurred due to substance abuse, as well as to note any symptoms or signs of mental or emotional disorders. Once the initial assessment is complete, a treatment plan will be formed by a team of experienced & licensed clinicians. Each program that is formed is specifically tailored to the individual client.

Sovereign Health of California Treatment Centers Locations

There are Four treatment centers in California

The Orange County Sovereign Health of California facility is located in San Clemente California. It is the flagship facility for Sovereign Health.

The Orange County location houses their main offices, as well as offering a residential center. Situated just a few miles from the beautiful Pacific Ocean, Sovereign Health of California Treatment Centers has offices which are easily accessible, friendly & friendly staff, and beautiful surroundings. Clients are able to feel comfortable in the Group Rooms, which is where they are able to work closely with staff members. Sovereign also has Treatment Centers in San Diego, Palm Springs, & Los Angeles.

Sovereign Health of California
1211 Puerta Del Sol
San Clemente, CA 92673
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